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About Lee

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Lee Rossano, founder of Advanced Nutritional Solutions 

relies on biofeedback equipment to begin your journey back to health. Over the last 20 years Lee has developed ways of asking the body questions to get a more accurate look at the cause of the problem. She found that a symptom-based approach often didn’t clear up a client’s real issue. Lee continued to search out testing techniques and equipment that verified what the body was trying to say.


Starting with the BioPulsar in 2001 and then adding Energy Muscle Testing, Lee was able to help many of her clients. Wanting to go deeper, she added the AsyraPro to gather more detail on why her clients weren’t getting better. That led her to understanding the importance of food and food sensitivities for her client’s overall health and inflammation levels. Going deeper into food sensitivities lead her to become a BioSet practitioner in 2005. That gave her a tool to eliminate allergies and sensitives of all kinds.


Lee was fascinated by the endocrine system (glands such as the adrenal or thyroid). She found that when the thyroid and or adrenal glands became over or under active her clients felt terrible. Using natural remedies to bring them back into balance created a state of health. Enhancing energy levels through proper diet and sleep lead her to the importance of gut health. Lee often says “no one has ever had a 'Prilosec' deficiency”. We are out of digestive enzymes! By feeding the body what it really needs, a state of health returns.


Lee knew that the gold standard to assessing her client’s health was blood work. She learned how to read blood work from a healthy standpoint not just within lab ranges that can change from lab to lab. Her clients saw positive results on their blood results after being on the natural remedies she recommended. Cholesterol and glucose levels, liver and kidney function, thyroid and adrenal levels and vitamin D all showed improvement. Most important the client felt better.


Lee has spent her career learning to identify underlying causes of illness. Viruses, parasites, Lyme’s disease, candida and heavy metals including copper play a big part in our client’s puzzles. She had developed protocols to clean up the internal terrain so the body can heal. The symptoms often associated the above conditions are: arthritis, chronic fatigue, IBS and mood disorders.


During her own menopause years, Lee became interested in sex hormones and their effect on mood, sleep and aging. Lee became certified in the Your Menopause Type Management Program (2005). Using natural remedies to manage hormone imbalances. She helped women of all ages using natural products including fertility clients. Over the years her clients have had successful health pregnancy and babies.


Lee works with clients of all ages, both in her office and remotely by phone as a Functional Health Practitioner and a Certified Nutritional Counselor.  Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation or just to find out more.  Take this first step toward living a healthier, more energetic life!

Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation or just to find out more.  Take this first step toward living a healthier, more energetic life!

  • Certified Nutritional Counselor

  • Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

  • Certified in Management of Menopause Type Program

  • Master BioSET Practitioner

  • BioSET Educational Adviser – Instructor

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