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Follow Up Consultation

What to Expect:

Lee will spend one (1) hour reviewing your protocol and retesting your body to see the improvements made. The assessment tools used at the Initial Consult will be used again to chart your progress.  You will share what is going well, what you are struggling with, and areas you would like to continue to address.  

Assessment Tools:

Biopulsar Reflexograph

  • Measures the energy flow in more than 49 organs and glands. Graphs and full body images reveal disturbances within the body.


  • Picks up on disturbances within the body that may not show up on a blood test - detecting where the deep toxicities are located within your body - creates a remedy to balance the body, organs, glands and energy. 

Muscle Testing

  • Confirms and fine tunes information from the bio-feedback testing.  From that we customize your nutritional program to heal your organs and glands.

Saliva PH Testing

  • Your saliva pH is another important indicator of health and wellness that we test.

  •  Eating raw fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of pure water is incredibly important when trying to achieve optimal pH balance. Low readings can indicate excess acidity and low mineral reserves. 

Blood Work Review​

  • Discount blood work services available. Please call for pricing and savings. 

  • An in-depth analysis of any recent blood work and/or tests.  Lee will review with you a proactive approach to lab ranges.  

What you will leave with:​

  • Further understanding of your nutritional protocol 

  • Advanced focus on client goals to maximize progress 

  • A revised lifestyle plan to help you continue with your success 

  • Reviewed and personalized adjustment of supplementation plan

  • Comprehensive review with Lee of any blood work reports brought to appointment 

**Please bring all current blood works and any supplements/medications you are currently taking to all appointments. 

We will set up your follow up appointment time at your initial consultation. 

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