Remote Phone Consultation

What to Expect:

One hour Remote Consultation via Phone, Skype, or FaceTime on Facebook with Lee.


Included with this consultation is a free one-week wellness check up follow-up phone call to answer any additional questions you may have.

Complete Health History Review

  •  Lee will spend one hour with you on the phone to get a detailed history of your health, eating, sleep, and exercise habits to get to the root of your health concerns.

  • We will then use your personal information to create a custom lifestyle and personal supplementation plan for your specific health issues.  


Identify Personal and Health Goals

  • You will be discussing current health goals and learn about ways to make lifestyle changes to improve your health. 

  • We customize your personal nutritional program to help heal your body, organs and glands for optimal health and well being.

Blood Work Review​

  • An in-depth analysis of any recent blood work and/or tests.  Lee will discuss and review with a proactive approach to lab ranges. Lee may also suggest some additional blood testing if necessary.

*Discount blood work services are available.  Please call for pricing and savings through Lee. 

What you will leave with:​

  • A personalized lifestyle and customized food and nutritional supplementation plan

  • Understanding of what supplements to take, how and why you will be taking them 

  • Knowledge of what foods you are sensitive to, and what foods to eat

  • Understanding of any blood work reports if reviewed at this appointment 

  • Comprehensive knowledge of what the underlying issues are that may be causing your health concerns and what changes in your lifestyle you need to make

Please Call our Office during business hours (M-F 9-5  Sat 9-3) to be placed on the appointment schedule