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Q-Energy Foot Spa Detox

What is the Q-Energy Foot Spa Detox Therapy? 

The Q-Energy Foot Spa Detox Therapy is used to help the body release toxins. 

Let's put Detoxification into perspective…
Detoxification of the body is not an instant magical fix and never will be. It is an ongoing process which provides tremendous health benefits and occurs normally within the body and is then released from the body via your Stool, Urine, Sweat and Breath.  Sweat is known to be responsible for less than 10% of total body toxic elimination by excreting toxins already deposited in the outer dermal layers. You would have to sweat continuously, day and night for over 200 days straight in order to detox as much
through the skin of your feet as you do in one urination.

•What makes the Q-EnergySpa different from other systems on the market is the enhancement of a biological charge in the water. This biological charge or Bio-charge is the water based organic electricity that every cell in your body utilizes and produces everyday.

•A low bio-charge may result in sluggish and lethargic functions causing physical stress to your body. This
then can cause manifestations of aches and pains or even make you feel unwell. This can also be the reason that you feel tired and run down on a day to day basis.

• By providing your body with a bio-charge boost, some or most of these symptoms may be alleviated.

• The system deals uniquely with every aspect of each person as a whole and not any individual ailment or

What you will leave with:​

  • A relaxing gentle foot bath treatment to help release toxins from the body 

  • Bringing the body back into overall balance - physically, emotionally, and energetically 

This is a 30-minute appointment.

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