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In June of this year, I had a severe reaction to a commonly prescribed antibiotic. Over the course of the weeks and months that followed, it felt as though a bomb had gone off inside my body. I went from being an active mother of four young children, weeks away from becoming a fitness instructor, to being unable to walk much more than a few steps or use my arms for something as simple as cutting my food. The widespread pain in my joints and tendons was debilitating. After multiple appointments with my primary care physician and specialists, I was told my bloodwork looked “beautiful” and that I should just continue taking ibuprofen and wait it out. I was discouraged and desperate for relief. That’s when a trusted friend asked me if I would consider seeing Lee, as she felt confident she could help. In September I had my first appointment with Lee; her attention to detail and time spent looking at the root causes of what was going on inside my body were not only necessary, but refreshing.  She was able to determine the cause of my autoimmune-like reaction, and help my body heal by avoiding foods my body was sensitive to, as well as though proper supplementation. 

It is now December and I couldn’t be more grateful for the tremendous progress I have made with her help. My quality of life and overall wellness has improved significantly over the last three months…I am encouraged and excited to see where I will be in the coming weeks and months ahead! 

Holly B.


My son has not had skin this eczema free since he was just an infant! I have not used cortisone cream on him since early last week before our appointment to you and the only areas he has MILD patches are on the tops of his hands and by his wrists. I am so happy that you were recommended to my family and I and I look forward to bringing my son M to you soon as well as making an appointment for myself! I believe in what you do and I am so happy with the results we are already beginning to see! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!


Lee Rossano is a great nutritionist and open-hearted person! I have been with her for the last 3 years and she has been helping me a great deal. I was feeling bloated, low in energy and going through peri- menopause and after a few months things started to shift for the better! Thank you Lee!


Lee did a great job helping my young daughter with digestive issues without a bunch of invasive testing or unnecessary medicine/supplements. Lee helps you understand your body- what it needs and doesn't need- so that it can operate optimally- she's great!


Thank you Lee! My daughter's skin has never looked better. Four (4) doctors could not help me, but you could. Forever grateful.


Lee Rossano will go above and beyond to better your health and mind! When you visit her very clean office, you are greeted by a friendly staff. The approach is holistic and non-evasive, please note that I have compared her test results with medical doctor testing and the results are very similar. After your testing, Lee will provide a solution of supplements. Don’t be alarmed by the amount of supplements that are suggested, they each address a specific need. I have been seeing Lee for many years and have half followed what she said, in December 2018, my body was at it’s worst, I went back to Lee and have followed her suggestions diligently, the results are amazing. My results are, clear head, clear skin, hair nails improved, digestion improved (that is the big one), no more bloating, fatigue or headaches, sleep improved, just much happier, the list can go on and on. I would highly recommend Lee and her staff to anyone who wants to improve their health and well being. KM, Rochester Hills, Michigan.


For 4 years I have struggled with gut-wrenching digestive issues. After being diagnosed with IBS and avoiding gluten for three years while not getting better, I was desperate for help. By coincidence, I met Lee while working and knew I had to see what her practice was all about. During my first visit I learned more about my underlying issues in ten minutes than I had in the last 3 years. From digestive issues, an unknown seed allergy and adrenal fatigue, I was a mess.  It has been one month since my first appointment and I'm feeling great! In fact, I can't remember going this long without any digestive issues. I am incredibly  grateful for Lee and the kind staff of Advanced Nutritional Solutions for finding a solution to my health issues. I am looking forward to my new, healthier lifestyle and would recommend her to anyone struggling with their health!


Thank you for all your help in my health. The supplements you put me on have changed my life for the better!


I had my annual blood work done and my thyroid TSH is down from 27.55 to 6.13! All thanks to your coaching and protocol. I have also gotten off gluten and all the brain fog and bloating I didn't even know I had has now gone away. So much more energy for the full length of the day! Thanks so much for everything!


I never had any digestion or allergy issues growing up. I was able to eat everything. After having children, I noticed I was having some hair loss, a lot of skin breakouts, and redness on my face and chin. After testing with Lee, I found out I was allergic to gluten and that dairy was also a problem. I noticed that if I ate any gluten, my skin would break out again. It felt like I had a constant cold or sinus infection from the gluten and dairy.  Just by paying attention to exactly what I was eating and removing all of my food sensitivities from my diet, I lost 10 lbs without even trying and my skin cleared up.

   My energy level is so much better now! I feel great and I don't need a coffee or a nap to boost my energy like my friends who complain about being exhausted all the time. An added bonus; my dentist noticed my teeth and gums are much healthier and I have less plaque from removing gluten from my normal diet! 


I was sick and tired every day. I could barely get thru my day. I had digestive issues, no energy, migraines daily, and a rash for 2 years that appeared everywhere on my body below my neck. My weight spiraled out of control. I sought medical help from multiple doctors only to hear "..don't know what it is, lose some weight... and here is another prescription". I felt terrible and hit rock bottom. One day I was flipping through a free magazine that I get at the local health food store and found an advertisement about the very things that I was experiencing. I made an appointment and my life changed!

I met Lee and she did some non-invasive testing and quickly learned that I had food sensitivities. I was given a list of foods to avoid and within 3 days I started to feel better and even lost 3 lbs! That was a year ago.

Today I feel like a new person. My digestive issues are gone and so are my migraines. I lost 30 lbs and gotten off all my prescriptions. I have tons of energy and workout with a personal trainer. In addition to eating better, I enjoy finding new recipes for things I love to eat and learned to swap out foods that caused havoc on my body with healthier foods.

This has changed my life. Thank you, Lee for your knowledge and expertise. I am grateful that you truly got to the root of my problems and addressed them and not tried to mask the symptoms. 


I experienced major weight gain, frequent hot flashes, fatigue, and trouble sleeping. After Lee's testing, I learned that food sensitivities and out of control hormones were likely culprits. Who knew that cutting out simple food items could have such an impact? In addition to following a healthier eating plan, I also began a daily exercise routine. These simple changes have allowed me to drop 30 lbs. I sleep better at night and my overall sense of well-being has greatly improved. I am grateful for Lee's expertise.


I can't believe what a difference it can make in knowing what foods to NOT eat. I feel so much better! 


My energy was low, my anxiety was out of control… and worst of all my hair was falling out. Lee looked at all my blood work, tested me for food sensitivities and spent a lot of one on one time with me – she didn’t just treat my symptoms she actually found out what was causing them.  With some dietary changes and supplements I am now excited to wake up every morning! --- and I spend a lot less money on coffee!


Lost 8 lbs. Hair thicker and growing quicker. Food tastes better. Complexion is more even and smoothed out. More energy.


Migraine headaches left me so weak I tried to kill myself numerous times.  My family shrunk away from me because I lashed out at them during fits of anger.  It got so bad I was placed in a psychiatric ward for extended periods.  Four years ago, everything began to shift.  I discovered Advanced Nutritional Solutions.  My problem wasn't that I was out of my mind.  It was my diet, my thyroid, and my overactive hormones.  Imagine that.  With supplements and creams I can live a happy life -- far away from the hospital and emergency rooms.  My ex-husband even offered to pay for Lee if I ever wasn't able to. Now that's a miracle!


My adopted daughter was exposed to methamphetamines inutero and had a severe head injury. She was having lots of rages. FASSD. Pushed to do medication to control the rages. With the help that Lee has given, like getting rid of foods that she’s allergic to as well as taking natural supplements has experienced great results without side effects.  Not only has Lee helped her but her older sister as well. The family was able to avoid medication with both children.  Both girls have been able to control themselves  and express themselves without prescription drugs.


Night-time urination has stopped. Blood pressure and cholesterol were lowered. Blood sugar leveled out and shakiness is gone. Her doctor is very happy with her progress.


Some people eat less when their stomach rumbles and aches.  To ease the pain, I ate cheese, yogurt and ice cream.  How would I have ever known that I was sensitive to dairy if Lee hadn't tested me?  With a new diet and supplements, I have so much energy!  I wake up earlier and go to bed later. I can go out without fearing a health crisis lurking around every corner.  My skin looks amazing.  I've dropped 18 pounds.  When I look in the mirror, I know I'm worth every dollar I spend to enrich my health and life.


Lost 12 pounds in one month and lost 2 dress sizes. I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know what to do. My doctors had no answers. Knee pain also went away after seeing Lee!


My Experience with Lee has been very positive over the past 9 years.  Whatever ails me she is able to fix! I am 49 and feel better than ever with my fine-tuned supplement routine.  I also have a daughter who came to Lee at age 7 (nine years ago) who was experiencing a chemical imbalance and had temper tantrums daily because she felt so awful.  Lee helped to balance her system in ONE WEEK. I feel like I have a new child!  Needless to say we both are much better after having seen Lee!


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