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Why Should You Consider Going Gluten Free?


Dr. William Davis’ book ‘Wheat Belly’ explains what happen in your body when you eat gluten. Your body reacts with inflammatory markers such as elevated LDL cholesterol, and antibodies on the thyroid.

Other signs of gluten intolerance are:

  • Bloating and Gas

  • Diarrhea, Constipation and Smelly Feces

  • Abdominal Pains

  • Headaches

  • Feeling Tired

  • Skin Problems

  • Depression

  • Iron deficiency

  • Anxiety

  • Autoimmune conditions

  • Joint and muscle pains

  • Brain fog

  • Numbness in legs or arms

  • Interferes with absorption of nutrients

Glandular Functions

The number one gland in the body that is affected by gluten is the Thyroid. In recent years wheat has been bio-engineered to contain much more gluten according to Dr Davis. Some experts link the higher gluten content in the GMO wheat to Hashimoto’s and Graves disease. Gluten has also been linked to thyroid nodules. When the thyroid is stressed the other glands react like the adrenals. TO much cortisol causes sleep and weight issues. Women with fertility issues should avoid gluten!

Joint and Muscle Pain

Most joint and muscle pain is caused by inflammation. You can tell your inflamed by touching the joint and feeling heat. According to the Arthritis Foundation consuming gluten can cause flair ups of arthritis symptoms both rheumatoid and osteo.

Your body will store substances in muscles that it can’t eliminate on its own. Fibromyalgia is an example of the bodies inability to detoxify and storing toxin in muscles. With gluten containing foods causing inflammation it slows down the elimination form the kidney.

Bowel and Stomach Issues

The protein gluten is often linked to IBS. Some times we get constipated sometimes diarrhea. Some of my client’s reported bloating from the upper to the lower abdomen. Gluten and other grains such as rye, wheat and barley irritate the stomach small intestine and large intestine causing all the organs to swell and feel irritated. Gluten has been shown to damage the small intestine of Celiac patients and can be life threatening.

Weight Issues

Going off gluten may help with weight loss. It is important not to replace all your gluten contain food with gluten free options. They can be higher in calories. Replacing gluten noodles with zucchini noodles is a good example of a healthy low carb option.

It is my opinion that we, as Americans, tend to eat too many carbohydrates causing many of today’s health problems. Diets high in carbohydrates are linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and fertility problems to name a few.

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