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Benefits of Vitamin D.

Its Time to Start Taking Vitamin D Again by Lee Rossano, CNC Vitamin D is essential to human health. The benefits of adequate vitamin D levels in the body can include a strengthened immune system, colon health, improved mood, strong bones and teeth, heart function and more.

While we usually get vitamin D from the sun, the use of sunscreen (SPF over 8 blocks the sun's rays), or not spending enough time in the sun, can lead to a deificiency–even in the summer. In Michigan we usually only have July and August during which we get adequate sunshine.

How much D to I need? Have your health professional or nutritionist check your vitamin D levels. Requirements will vary due to many factors, but for the average adult I like to see 60 to 100 ng/mL.

If tests indicate you need to supplement, D3 is best so it will be properly absorbed by the body. We usually need to take 40 IU of D3 per pound of body weight, but some adults may need more depending on weight and other factors. Women who are at risk for osteoporosis will want to add vitamin K2 which helps the D3 be absorbed by the bones. People with more skin pigment or full-body covering will usually need to take vitamin D supplements. Children need Vitamin D3 especially if they are intolerant of dairy products.

Your D3 is best taken in the evening with dinner, as it absorbs better and can help you sleep.

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