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Hormone / Endocrine Balancing

Certified Nutritional Counselor Lee Rossano, of Lake Orion's Advanced Nutritional Solutions, has found that Adrenal Fatigue is becoming more common, with many physicians ignoring the adrenals.

"As a result," she says, "it is not generally treated until in the final stages of failure, such as with the emergence of Addison's Disease. Patients arrive feeling overwhelmed by their lives and edgy, irritable, depressed or anxious, unaware that the adrenals are the culprit. Possible root causes could include viruses, out-of-balance sex hormones and diets high in processed foods."

I was always so driven and motivated until one day I wasn’t. Getting out of bed felt like my greatest task of the day and I wondered if I would ever have my drive and energy back. Until I healed my adrenals, no amount of coffee or caffeine would provide the energy I was used to. I began to implement relaxing activities into my nighttime routine, started eating a whole foods diet and taking my personalized supplement plan. I finally felt like myself again and couldn’t wait to get back to my to-do list and conquer each day! I will continue to live this lifestyle, realizing if my adrenals aren’t happy, I’m not happy! ~Testimony from actual client of Lee Rossano's

“Clients can barely open their eyes in the morning," says Rossano, and simple tasks like going to the grocery store feel overwhelming, and they find themselves operating in panic mode most of their days. It is difficult for them to function in their everyday lives and jobs, not to mention taking care of a family. Society is moving away from a relaxing life and many people have minimal down-time. When they do relax, they spend it on their phones or social media looking at other people’s lives. When we begin to move away from taking care of ourselves, we lose the ability to handle stress, and we then walk ourselves right into adrenal fatigue.”

From September 2016 issue of the East Michigan Natural Awakenings magazine.

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